Fertility Program

New Fertility Program

If enroll in the program the initial consultation of $170 will be waived.

Signature Holistic Fertility Whisperer Program

Recommended for those seeking to conceive Naturally or in Conjunction with ART such as IVF and IUI.
This program can be done IN PERSON or VIRTUALLY and may include:
10 Fertility Enhancing Treatment Sessions
Customized Detox Cleansing Program
Personalized Fertility Recommendations
Optimal Fertility Diet & Blood Sugar Balancing Nutritional Advice
Daily Support Checklist Existence System
3 Fifteen Minute Additional Telehealth Fertility Coaching Sessions
Fertility Reduce Stress Aromatherapy
Baby Mindset Health Coaching
At Home Customized Fertility Yoga & Acupressure Video
Self-Healing Meditation Guidance
Far InfraRed Heat Therapy
Tongue & Pulse Diagnosis
Abdominal Diagnosis
Functional Health Report Consultation
Fertility Whisperer at Home Kit How to Consultation
** Suggested additions:
Blood Panel for a Functional Health Report and customized nutritional supplement recommendations &/or Dutch Complete
** Fertility Whisperer Do It Yourself at Home Kit
** Fertility Whisperer Herbal Tincture

***Treatment Sessions must be used within the 12-week period, no sharing visits between family and friends. Results may vary, no implied guarantees. After initial program there are other program options available to continue care if needed.***


An Integrative approach to optimizing fertility!

We are going to build our Air Qi and Food Qi to increase fertility.

Play video about holistic medicine and acupuncture for infertility

Play video about holistic medicine and acupuncture for infertility

By combining ancient traditional, and natural functional medicine to optimize our innate fertility; we may expand our loving families. This program is more than a how-to guide. This program is an opportunity to inquire into what it is to be human, how we are connected to the earth, and coaching to give us the ability to reclaim our own health by connecting to nature. The fertility of our health determines how fruitful we will be in our mind, body, and spirit as everything is connected.

The first part of this program is to discuss what we do know when it comes to fertility. We do this through a Traditional Chinese Medicine Five-Element Questionnaire, Functional Medicine Symptom Assessment, Blue Zone Activity Assessment, and a mind-body-spirit questionnaire. From there, we can start to look for a pattern and any imbalance so we can begin to harmonize and generate fertility by using holistic fertility methods and protocols.

These ancient protocols and therapies have been used for thousands of years to literally turn back the clock, reset, and bring back fertility. We are only fertile when eggs and sperm are in a safe environment and not a stressful, toxic war zone. I aim to help every man and woman feel empowered and provide them with the tools to become healthy; which can then help them have healthy eggs and sperm, a thick uterine lining, and be able to create life where it was once barren. The actions we take can help rebalance the mind, body, and spirit.

I offer 3 personalized Telehealth Holistic Fertility Packages to guide you through my recommended protocols. All of my packages include a pattern of helping the person first cleanse to collect higher nutrients and oxygen absorption, then to increase circulation throughout the body, and lastly, to store and strengthen the blood and energy deep in the reproductive organs to become fertile naturally.

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