Boosting Fertility Naturally 4-Step Program

Take a holistic approach to your fertility!

We are going to cleanse our body and balance our hormones for optimal fertility.

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Holistic Doctors look at the body like we are a part of nature. When heath is good, all hormones flow naturally and freely throughout the body in an amazing symphony of life. Ancient medicines such as Traditional Chinese Medicine see the body as a metaphor of nature with organs being assigned to the elements, and health is the smooth flow of the cycle of how life naturally grows. Wood is attributed to the liver and gallbladder. Fire corresponds to the heart and small intestines. Earth corresponds to the stomach, spleen, and pancreas. Metal corresponds to the lungs and large intestine. Water corresponds to the kidneys, bladder, and adrenals. Ayurveda has similar elements that correspond to organ systems as well.

Diet, herbs/supplements, exercise, alternative/complementary therapies, and stress-reduction techniques can increase the odds that you will conceive (can be used independently or with Assisted Reproductive Therapies – consult with your physician regarding herbs during ART). The aim is to boost fertility by enhancing energy and strengthening the blood, draining dampness (inflammation), downregulating the nervous into the feed and breed parasympathetic nervous system. This is where the stress hormones and inflammation decreases, the reproductive hormones balance, eggs and sperm grow, the uterine lining becomes healthy naturally, hormones and weight balance, and you gain a sense of peace and happiness.

I offer a completey holistic Boosting Fertility Naturally 4-Step Program to guide you through optimizing your body and health to become fertile naturally.

  • Step 1: You will participate in a series of assessments to determine your unique needs to reach optimal fertility.
  • Step 2: I will provide you with a guide to change your diet to increase fertility and clear your body of toxins.
  • Step 3: I will guide you through the necessary lifestyle changes to clear your pathways and balance your hormones.
  • Step 4: I will help you strengthen your body, mind, and spirit to get you ready for conception.


Start Improving Your Fertility Today.